i'm erica, and i reside in the beautiful pacific northwest. 19 years old and living a vegan lifestyle.
be at peace, not in pieces.

stolenfootprints replied to your post: Omg Im totally infatuated by this wonderful guy…

give me details!

destroyedkingdomreplied to your post: Omg Im totally infatuated by this wonderful guy…

tell me bout him

You guys are funny. But okokok. He’s really intellectual and has so much depth. It’s nice to talk to someone that can actually hold a conversation. We have the same views on so many things (religion, the universe, our goals, etc.). He’s really sweet and compliments me and is cute as fuuuuuck. And he’s studying to get his master’s and be a professor which is awesome. Idk he’s just basically the kind of person I’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to find. :)

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